The Dancing Carrot Project, Version 2

I first started The Dancing Carrot Project in late 2014, when I was leading a very different life. I was married and living in Colorado with my husband and two dogs. Now I am not married and living in Indiana with one dog.

Back then, and for the most of the next 7 years, I wrote mostly about food. Cooking food and eating food. I still cook, but not that much. And I still eat – of course – but I don’t eat a lot of big meals.

Last November, I decided I needed a break from The Dancing Carrot Project. My Mom had just passed away after a 5-year battle with dementia, plus I’d retired from my last job. I had a lot of things to think about and a couple of major decisions to make. After having been focused on Mom for so long, I needed to roadmap what I wanted the rest of my life to look like.

Now I’ve emerged from my six-months of contemplation and re-balancing, and I’m back with The Dancing Carrot Project, Version 2. I made some tough, yet pragmatic decisions about where to live and how to manage that choice, as well as a few lifestyle decisions that ended up surprising even me.

I had a birthday, and that put me squarely into the last quarter of my life. I’m not a kid anymore which is kind of sad, but also kind of great. I can make choices based on the reality of my entire situation.

I choose to be happy. And that’s what Version 2 of The Dancing Carrot Project is all about: being happy. I’m all about doing things that make me happy, with people who make me happy and for people who make me happy. Life is short, and I don’t know how many good years I have left. But I want those years to be as happy as possible.

I’ll still share recipes because cooking makes me happy. I’ll tell you about Sophie because she makes me happy. I’ll write about friends and family and golf and how great love, and sex is at this point in my life, because all of those things make me happy.

Anyway. Join me as I pursue happiness from Evansville, Indiana with Sophie by my side, and under my desk.




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